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Delivery We offer delivery service for any of our materials. Delivery is based on the amount of material, and the area we deliver to. We offer a small dump truck, a triaxle dumptruck, a triaxle with a dumpster unit (20, 22, 30, & 40 yds) , a 30 yard side dump tractor / trailer, and a walking floor tractor / trailer. Pricing information is available in our office.
Dumpsters for Manure We do have available 20, 22, 30 and 40 yard dumpsters that we can bring to your farm for cleanup of manure, straw and bedding from horses and cows. We use the manure and bedding materials in the making of our compost. The cost involved covers the trucking to and from your location, for a single use, or on a weekly or monthly schedule. We can provide seasonal use as well. Please contact us for pricing information.
Dumpsters for Clean Wood Cleanup We do have available 20, 22, and 30 yard dumpsters That we can bring to your home or jobsite for CLEAN WOOD. (Nothing painted, stained, pressure treated, pressed board, etc!).The cost involved will be for the trucking to get it there and back, and a per yard charge for the amount of wood put in the dumpster. Call our office for pricing information.
Items That We Allow Our Customers to Dump at Our Site On our site we will allow certain items to be dumped by your truck or trailer load. Stumps, brush, and clean wood can be dumped here at a per yard charge. Clean wood chips can be dumped here at no charge. NO painted, pressure treated, stained, burnt, etc. wood or wood chips will be allowed. PLEASE----NO GARBAGE!! Call our office for more details, or you have any questions on what can and can't be dumped here.
   phone:  (845) 868 - 7427 fax:  (845) 868 - 7477 12 Hunns Lake Rd  PO Box F  Stanfordville  NY  12581