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Duff’s Stuff Compost Mulch…..

The Best Mulch Ever!!!

Duffy’s Organic Compost Mulch is the best around!! We have the environmentally safe way to help you love your landscape.

Spring is right around the corner, and now is the time to get going on your outdoor projects!! We have a way for you to beautify and enrich your gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs. Duff’s Stuff Compost Mulch has been created from 100% organic local farm manure and plant waste. We compost the natural way, using heat and constant turning to create our weed free mulch.

We are as concerned about our environment as you are, and we do not use any construction debris or human waste. our compost mulch is 100% organic, it’s rich color and earthy smell come with soil enrichment benefits and water retention abilities that your landscape needs to thrive.

Duff’s Stuff Compost Mulch has been around locally for a few years now, and our valued landscapers have seen the results that our mulch has produced. Regular use will bring moisture to your soil, help neutralize acid levels, encourage needed earthworm activity, and suppress weeds. It adds beauty to any area, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, borders, trees and shrubs.

Duff’s Stuff Compost mulch conditions your soil by reducing nitrogen borrowing, and when tilled in to your soil will add organic texture, moisture retention, and can eliminate the need for caustic applications of limestone or other products.

Natural production of our compost mulch helps our local area farmers to safely dispose of manure and organic material, and allows us to provide you with a 100% recycled organic product to help you beautify your landscape. We recommend using 2 to 6 inches for application to bare ground or tilled into your soil. Duff’s Stuff Compost Mulch should be reapplied annually for best results.

We Care about Your Earth !

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