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MULCH MULE - MULCH MULE is an Innovative machine that does the job of many!

With innovative features like our Live Floor System, Curb-side Discharge and powerful Honda Engine, one versatile piece of equipment can do it all… and better.

Leaf Vac – the powerful vacuum, auto tarping system, and fast discharge add unparalleled efficiency.

Mulching – wheelbarrow loads in 3-6 seconds unassisted provides speed and finesse beating out dusty, plant-damaging mulch blowers.

Trailer – the forward and reverse Live Floor action provides easy loading and unloading of any skidded materials. It also handles nearly any bulk material with rapid discharge and unbelievable precision.

Our Mulch Mule Trailer has a walking floor to move material out the front onto a side conveyor belt to fill wheelbarrows. Material can also be moved out the back of the trailer by reversing the conveyor belt direction to dump in a pile. We have attached a leaf vacuum to the front for leaf collection in the fall. It does have a tarp to cover the load, and to hold in leaves when vacuuming. It has a 10 yard capacity for material, and will work for most mulches and topsoils, and light stone. A real time saver when you need to finish a job quickly and not leave a mess on a property. The Mulch Mule can be rented by the day or by the week. It requires a pindle hook trailer hitch (we have one if you don’t). It also has 2 wheelbarrows attached as well for your convenience.

   phone:  (845) 868 - 7427 fax:  (845) 868 - 7477 12 Hunns Lake Rd  PO Box F  Stanfordville  NY  12581