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About Duffy Layton, Inc.

Duffy Layton has been in business for over 20 years. At Duffy Layton Inc., we provide our local homeowners, contractors, landscapers, schools, and municipalities with the job materials they need.

We carry Topsoils, Mulches, Composts, Stone, Sands, Stone Dust, Item 4, and many other landscaping materials. We have A.D.S. Culvert pipe and other construction materials as well. We offer Pick-up and Delivery on all of our materials.

We offer dumpster drop off and pick up for manure, and for brush/stump clean-up.

We make a rich organic compost mulch onsite, following USDA composting standards, from the manure, bedding, and straw that we bring in from our local farms, providing you with a weed-free, water-retaining, soil enriching compost mulch that looks great anywhere. We also make a fine leaf compost from leaves picked up locally, that makes a fabulous soil amendment. Our recipes can be formulated to your specific needs for custom materials on request. Our Organic Compost Mulches bring the needed nutrients back to your soil, helping your plants to be lush, green and healthy.

Our topsoils are weed free, and screened. We can custom blend our soils and composts to your specifications and needs. The clean brush, stumps etc that we take in here are ground to make our wood mulches.

During the winter season, we have abrasives available for driveways, walkways, and roads. We carry Sand, Sand/Salt mix, and more.

We have recently added Wood Pellets to our lineup of available material to help with your winter heating needs. They are sold by the ton, on pallets, and are bagged for your convenience. Pricing will vary with availability and type of pellet. We have a forklift to load the pallets, and also can offer you delivery of these if needed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have as you plan your projects. Prices are available by phone or email. We can help you figure the yardage needed for materials if you call us with your measurements. If you need help in choosing the right material for the job, we can discuss with you the options available, custom fit to your budget and needs. We have years of experience, and we strive to keep up with all the most up to date technologies available. Let us help you create the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

We strongly believe in Recycling, Reusing, and Composting, it's good for our land, and for our future!!

Our Mailing Address is: PO Box F, Stanfordville, NY, 12581
Our Phone # is: 845-868-7427
Our Fax # is: 845-868-7477
Our Email is:

   phone:  (845) 868 - 7427 fax:  (845) 868 - 7477 12 Hunns Lake Rd  PO Box F  Stanfordville  NY  12581